PacWesty contacted us looking for a simple, clean, nice-looking site quickly to get a web presence up before the start of the 2017 summer tourist season. The initial site served the main goal of leading visitors to contact the business for more information. Partnering with the additional local talent of Farrah Ferguson – Butter, and Ken Bennett – Outer Planet Creative, we delivered a new site that met Pac Westy’s goals of a vibrant, catchy web presence.

Over the months, we have enjoyed our continued working relationship with PacWesty to help train new staff, bring new pages and images to life on the site, as well as brainstorm and implement new goals and solutions for increased traffic to the site and functionality once they get there.  Sometimes is makes sense to host processes outside of the website, thus we worked together with PacWesty and their third-party vendor to ensure the proper display and functionality of the reservation system on the website – an essential piece to their business growth!

The melding of minds between local creatives and PacWesty is another fine example of local businesses partnering together to forge a more robust community on Bainbridge Island.

Website design by Butter.

Content creation by Outer Planet Creative.