Our core services include the following:


Custom WordPress Websites and Blogs

WordPress websites are an increasingly popular way for businesses to get a professional looking website up quickly that allows for the site’s content to be managed and updated in-house.  One of the benefits of working with the WordPress platform is that once the code is installed on a server, it can be customized to look and function to a client’s specific requirements.  It’s also a great tool for adding a blog to a new or existing website.

Interlock Solutions has a lot of experience installing and customizing WordPress websites and blogs.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you get a great looking, custom website up quickly for a reasonable price.

View some of our recently completed sites built using WordPress.


Custom Content Management Systems

Do you need the ability to keep your website content fresh, relevant, and up-to-date? Do you not have the money to hire a full-time webmaster and don’t want to pay someone to make constant tweaks to your site(s)?

If you want your non-technical staff to keep your websites updated the answer is a custom content management system.

Interlock Solutions specializes in creating customized content management systems. We take a look at all of your requirements and develop a suite of content management tools tailored for your business. These tools have the flexibility to manage all aspects of a site, they’re user-friendly, require few technical skills to use, and can be accessed from any computer on the Internet.

Upon completion of a customized content managed website, Interlock Solutions provides in-house training and continued support for future enhancements.

View some of our recently completed sites built with our custom content management system.


Ecommerce Solutions

Online sales are a key component of many of today’s businesses. There are numerous approaches to sell things online depending upon a business’s product types, number of products, budget, and other criteria. Interlock Solutions has built numerous Ecommerce websites with a variety of payment methods and shopping carts.  We’ll create the Ecommerce solution that’s right for your business.

Bottom line: we’ll help drive site visitors to your online store and then provide them a simple, clear, user-friendly experience that will leave your customers feeling good about your business.

View some of our recently completed Ecommerce websites.


Search Engine Optimization

The days of building a great website and having visitors just show up on the site are long gone. You can build it . . . and have nobody come.

Today you need to market your sites and let the world know about your products and services. A key component is getting your website a high-ranking position in the search engine rankings via Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If your business has a brick-and-mortar store, it also pays to have your business located on local listings for both Google Maps and Bing.  These listings show up first on a general search results page, so having a well-crafted and robust local business page on both of these services is crucial to connecting with potential customers.

Another important aspect of search engine placement is Pay-Per Click (PPC) advertising and using paid search results to drive visitors to specific pages of your site. Google and Bing are the key players in this market and it pays to utilize both of them to get your website noticed.

Interlock Solutions will work with you to create a search engine marketing plan for your business that stays within your budget and utilizes SEO and/or PPC.


HTML Emails

A growing number of companies are using direct email campaigns to drive visitors to their sites. Whether you have your own list of customers or are renting/buying a list for a marketing campaign, you need a well-designed, well-built HTML email that displays well on both desktop and mobile devices to drive traffic your way. Email campaigns are cheaper than traditional direct marketing campaigns and often deliver more bang for your business buck, increasing your ROI.

Interlock Solutions has been building HTML emails for years that deliver outstanding results for our clients. We’ll help you design an eye-catching email that displays properly on all devices, conforms to the latest anti-spam laws, and drives visitors to your site!


Website Hosting Services

Interlock Solutions works with multiple providers to offer our clients high-quality, inexpensive website hosting. We host all our sites in a bomb-proof, power-redundant hosting facility and provide our clients with many benefits.  Contact us for details on our hosting services.