In 2018, The Bainbridge Island Fire Department (BIFD) needed an update to their custom CMS website to achieve a new, fresh look as well as make the site mobile friendly.  Together with Butter, we designed and developed a site that has a current look, while keeping the functionality and ease of editing that BIFD has enjoyed over the past several years of using the previous site we designed and built for them.

The new site has an updated informational slider, a “mega menu” to allow users easy access to all of their content, and a dynamic listing of recent tweets on the home page along with great information and photos throughout the site. The class registration feature allows the public to signup for a variety of classes. When we originally built the site in 2013, a custom web application was built so BIFD could view all class signups and export them to an external database, as needed.

Website design by Butter.